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EPOS Roll Tickets

EPOS - Electronic Point Of Sale
EFTPOS - Electronic Fund Transfer at Point Of Sale
We offer a vast range of EPOS & EFTPOS ticket rolls which are typically used with applications such as cash registers, credit card machines, adding machines and thermal till machines.
All of our ticket rolls are compatible for use with the main machine manufacturers such as ESPOM, STAR, SEIKO & TEC and are provided from one of the following four categories;
-       Single ply rolls, Premium Grade A Rolls or Recycle TMP Grade (Ribbon required)
-       Multi-ply rolls, used when a duplicate copy is needed (Ribbon required)
-       Thermal rolls, Heat sensitive paper (no ribbon required)
-       Action rolls, Pressure sensitive paper (no ribbon required)
Any of these rolls can be pre-printed up to 7 colours and can include details such as customer logos, address details, policy statements, exchange/refund, guarantees etc, to add that personal touch.

For further information on EPOS or EFTPOS ticket rolls CLICK HERE, alternately you can contact us on 07837-252914 if you need to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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